What is i‑Vote?

It is a diaspora demographics mapper and database meant to enable the achievement of collective goals.

What is i‑Vote's vision?

To grow a diaspora power base of voters, policy advocates, investors, professionals and philanthropists who will be diaspora's impact change‑makers.

How does it function?

You join i‑Vote by signing up and creating a simple profile. Each sign‑up generates a unique ID and a marker on the map. A member can upload their professional profile on the Talent Access Pool that will allow for impact investment mobilization and large‑scale philanthropy. If accredited as a voting platform, members will also be able to upload their biometrics and cast a vote in the general elections. Profiles remain private, updateable and accessible only to the member.

What is i‑Vote composed of?

An online ballot for efficient and secure diaspora voting, with biometrics storage and verification capability

A counter that captures diaspora statistics, with a map that reflects numbers and geolocation cluster in real‑time

A talent access pool (TAP) that consolidates diaspora workforce for skills transfer and social impact investment

What are the benefits of signing up on i‑Vote?
Voting Power:

As a database of diaspora voters with online voting capability, the facility can be IEBC-accredited to enable diaspora to vote efficiently from wherever they are. The database will reflect the voting power of the “48th County” and make our numbers count towards the choice of leaders we want.

Advocacy Power:

Our collective numbers will also have petitioning power to shape policies that work best for us and for Kenya. The Kenyan dual citizen in foreign countries makes a powerful lobbyist and diaspora diplomat for Kenya. Signing up on the database would help identify and organize those who are savvy in advocacy and diplomacy.


As a database of diaspora community builders and givers with various skills and talent, you can participate in sustainable projects aimed at building communities in Kenya, for instance, in healthcare and education. i‑Vote's partnership with County Governments will allow for fitting opportunities to build communities directly.

A Pool of Professionals:

Posting your resume on the talent access pool (TAP) section of the database will provide you with competitive opportunities as valuable personnel to serve in Kenya's corporate industry, government, civil society and educational institutions. It will also allow for targeted transfer of skills, for example, sending a group of diaspora teachers on a mission to Kenya schools with a shortage of teachers. i‑Vote's partnerships with various stakeholders will allow for direct merit‑based recruiting of diaspora talent.

Impact Investment:

This refers to for‑profit investment for social impact; as opposed to the non‑impact investment diaspora currently makes with almost 100% of remittances ($1.4 billion in 2014) going directly to families. A database of Kenya's richest “county” makes it possible to mobilize private capital towards large‑scale impact such as infrastructure. Eventually, diaspora would play a key role in releasing Kenya from dependence on foreign aid.

Individual Investment:

There is now a boom in diaspora investment vehicles, and a database is an important part of readily connecting potential investors to opportunities provided by banks, businesses and government. i‑Vote also provides county‑specific data that will enable efficient connection between individual investors and county governments and allow for the thriving of small businesses from the grassroots.

Can i‑Vote function without government validation?

Only i‑Vote's function as a voting platform for general elections and national referendum would require IEBC's validation.

All other i‑Vote functions DO NOT need government validation and will succeed phenomenally with a People-Public-Private-Partnership model. i‑Vote is the digitization of diaspora's power.

How secure is i‑Vote?

The database is quite secure. i‑Vote is an https website using SSL encryption, hosted by an independent and established party, WebHostingBuzz, in state-of-the-art data centers.

Testing and cybersecurity assurance is always an ongoing task. The technical team strives to provide the tightest security and most efficient application possible.